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Earn your diploma and graduate in less than a year. SBC’s hands-on practical training and track record will set you on the path to finding a better job and a brighter future.
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SBC Corporate Training offers day classes in a wide variety of technical, software, and professional development skills.

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Learn anytime, anywhere. SBC online classes start April 15, 2021.

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7 Tips for Building a Portfolio During Your Graphic Design Program

If you’re seeking a career as a graphic designer,

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5 Skills You Need to Succeed in a Legal Assistant Program

Legal assistants have important roles in the legal world.

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4 Career Paths to Pursue After Your Business Administration Diploma

A diploma in Business Administration can open you up to

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Blackboard And Online Learning At Saskatoon Business College

If you were to take a stroll around the Saskatoon Business

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The Role of Educational Institutions in Unprecedented Times

It is a difficult task to summarize the situation that has

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Recent Blog Posts

How to Create a Winning Resume After Earning Your Legal Assistant Diploma

1 Dec 2021 by

Legal assistants have exciting and busy days while working

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corporate training courses

Top 4 Reasons to Develop Skills Within Your Company Through Corporate Training Courses

17 Nov 2021 by

If you’re a business owner or manager, you’ve probably

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corporate training program

Why Corporate Training Courses are Becoming Increasingly Important For Businesses

2 Nov 2021 by

In the modern workplace, it’s becoming more important

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3 Interview Questions You Can Expect After Completing a Business Program

12 Oct 2021 by

Business administrators oversee a number of day-to-day

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3 Reasons to Enroll Your Team in a Project Management Corporate Training Program

7 Oct 2021 by

At its core, project management is about utilizing a

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Taking Administrative Assistant Courses? Here’s What You Can Expect on the Job!

1 Sep 2021 by

Working as an administrative assistant is a dynamic and

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Why Cyber Security Corporate Training Courses are Important For Your Team This Year

31 Aug 2021 by

Training is an essential part of developing an informed and

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Looking For a Way to Upskill Your Team? 4 Ways Corporate Training Courses Can Help

11 Aug 2021 by

Upskilling is an essential part of keeping your employees

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3 Key Skills to Help You Succeed after Network Administration College

4 Aug 2021 by

Network administrators are responsible for maintaining the

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Is Career College Right for You? 4 Benefits of Pursuing Vocational Training

21 Jul 2021 by

No matter where you’re at in your career path, there’s

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How a Corporate Training Program in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Can Benefit Your Team

9 Jun 2021 by

Providing employees with new learning opportunities is an

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Considering Network Administration Courses? A Day in the Life of an IT Network Administrator

3 Jun 2021 by

As an IT Network Administrator, you’ll play an important

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Enrolled in a Legal Assistant Program? 4 Tips for Staying Organized on the Job

12 May 2021 by

On any given day, Legal Assistants have a variety of

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Do You Have These 5 Qualities? Medical Administration Courses Could Be Right for You!

28 Apr 2021 by

Medical Administrative Assistants have an important role

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Professional Organization Tips for Students Enrolled in an Accounting Program

31 Mar 2021 by

Accounting professionals manage a variety of financial data

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business diploma

Setting Realistic Goals for the Year Ahead as You Prepare to Attend Saskatoon Business College

30 Dec 2020 by

The end of one year and the beginning of a new one is a

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online medical administration college

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Online Medical Administration Courses

9 Dec 2020 by

There are plenty of great reasons for taking your medical

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3 Essential Skills That Will Help Graduates Of Accounting Courses

25 Nov 2020 by

If you’re thinking about becoming an accounting

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How to Successfully Navigate Virtual School When Taking Online Business Courses

11 Nov 2020 by

We’re relying on the internet in more and more ways these

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Network Administration Courses

Why Should You Take Network Administration Courses?

1 Nov 2020 by

In an increasingly digital world, information technology is

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Corporate Training Courses

Would Your Team Benefit From Corporate Training Courses in the Microsoft Office Suite?

30 Oct 2020 by

In any business, having a technology-fluent team is key for

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legal assistant program

3 Signs You Are Ready for a Legal Assistant Career

5 Oct 2020 by

Lawyers have difficult and important jobs, but the work

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5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in a Personal Care Aide Diploma Program this Year

16 Sep 2020 by

Deciding on a career is a big decision, made only more

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3 Essentials Skills You Need to Succeed in an Administrative Assistant Program

26 Aug 2020 by

Administrative assistants are essential in almost every

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Interested in Online Healthcare Training? Discover 4 Medical Courses You Can Complete Online

15 Jun 2020 by

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many people to think

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5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Enroll In A Medical Administration Program

29 May 2020 by

After graduating from Saskatoon Business College’s

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Why Soft Skills Are Essential and How Our Corporate Training in Saskatoon Helps Develop Them

19 May 2020 by Saskatoon Business College

In the corporate business world, hard skills and

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5 Ways A Business Program Will Support Your Career Transition

22 Apr 2020 by Saskatoon Business College

What does your dream career look like to you? Do you want a

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A Guide to Work-Life Balance When Taking Post-Secondary Courses… and Beyond

8 Apr 2020 by Saskatoon Business College

Research has shown that overworking can have negative

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