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Earn your diploma and graduate in less than a year. SBC’s hands-on practical training and track record will set you on the path to finding a better job and a brighter future.
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SBC Corporate Training offers day classes in a wide variety of technical, software, and professional development skills.
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SBC College helps you attain your educational goals and get the jumpstart you need for your career with its flexible program schedules.

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Learn anytime, anywhere. SBC online classes start January 12, 2023.

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4 Essential Skills You’ll Develop in Accounting Courses

Every business and many individuals need support from

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7 Tips for Building a Portfolio During Your Graphic Design Program

If you’re seeking a career as a graphic designer,

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5 Skills You Need to Succeed in a Legal Assistant Program

Legal assistants have important roles in the legal world.

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4 Career Paths to Pursue After Your Business Administration Diploma

A diploma in Business Administration can open you up to

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Blackboard And Online Learning At Saskatoon Business College

If you were to take a stroll around the Saskatoon Business

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The Role of Educational Institutions in Unprecedented Times

It is a difficult task to summarize the situation that has

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Recent Blog Posts

A smiling female accounting clerk writing a report in an office after accounting training

Considering Accounting Training? Remember These Reporting Tips

15 May 2024 by

When you decide to pursue accounting training, whether to

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A female business administrator in an office after corporate training

Why All Administrators Should Take Corporate Training in Performance Management

26 Apr 2024 by

Every organization needs effective performance management

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A smiling female business team supervisor in an office after completing her business administration training

5 Supervision Best Practices to Remember after Business Administration Training

27 Mar 2024 by

Completing the Business Administration training at SBC

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A female graphic designer developing a concept after completing her graphic design training

What Does a Graphic Design Specialist Do?

14 Mar 2024 by

If pictures speak louder and better than words, then

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A female business writer in an office after corporate training in business writing

4 Ways Corporate Training in Business Writing Will Accelerate Your Career

28 Feb 2024 by

Effective communication remains vital to professional

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A female home support worker in a park with her client after completing home support worker training

Pursuing Career College? 3 Qualities Of A Great Home Support Worker

16 Feb 2024 by

Choosing a career path is one of the most significant

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A smiling female administrative assistant in an office after completing her administrative assistant diploma program

The Important Role AAs Play in Business Today

15 Feb 2024 by

The role of an Administrative Assistant (AA) has evolved

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A career training graduate filing at a desk

3 Ways Our Online Course On Records Management Will Accelerate Your Career

8 Jan 2024 by

At SBC College, online courses serve as powerful tools for

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A determined young woman following an online learning program

Pursuing Career College? Learn 3 Academic Benefits of Online Learning

27 Dec 2023 by

The concept of education as we know it is undergoing a

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administrative assistant diploma graduate sitting at a desk

Want to Put Your Degree to Work? Take Our Accelerated Administrative Assistant Diploma Program

29 Nov 2023 by

Many liberal arts and professional university graduates

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A smiling female legal assistant holding a notepad after legal assistant training

Want To Become A Legal Assistant? An Introduction To Corporate Law Roles

26 Oct 2023 by

Have you ever watched legal dramas on TV and found yourself

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A smiling HR manager with a new employee after business administration training

4 Signs You’ll Thrive In A Human Resources Career After Business Administration Training

11 Oct 2023 by

Completing Business Administration training at SBC College

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A female student investing in career training online

Why You Should Consider Investing in Online Learning This Winter

15 Sep 2023 by

As winter sets in and the prospect of a new year beckons,

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An IT professional working on a computer after corporate training

Why All IT Professionals Benefit From Corporate Training In Powershell

17 Aug 2023 by

If you’ve not undergone corporate training as yet, now

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Female caregiver visiting two senior clients after home support training

Tips for Providing Quality Companionship to Senior Clients After Home Support Training

15 Aug 2023 by

Senior citizens typically have lots of unique needs. While

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Cybersecurity Best Practices Your Team Will Learn in Corporate Training

11 Aug 2023 by

Thanks to technology, businesses are working smarter,

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legal assistant training grad working with a couple

Considering Legal Assistant Training? Get An Introduction To Estate Planning

10 Aug 2023 by

The legal field is vast and there are plenty of career

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A female presenting to her classmates during career training

3 Essential Business Skills You’ll Gain in Career Training

12 Jul 2023 by

To be successful in business, either as an entrepreneur or

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quickbooks corporate training grads working at their small business

How Corporate Training In QuickBooks Will Help Your Small Business Thrive

15 Jun 2023 by

If you own a small business, you are aware of how busy it

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A freelancer who has completed an accounting diploma using a calculator

Work Flexibly as a Freelance Accounting Clerk After Earning an Accounting Diploma

26 May 2023 by

Businesses and organizations will always need help managing

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Top Tips for Developing Budgets After Corporate Training in Project Management

12 May 2023 by

Funding is a major driving force behind every project, big

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An entrepreneur giving a high-five to her teammate during a brainstorming session after business administration training

Do You Have What It Takes to Be Your Own Boss? Start With Business Administration Training!

10 May 2023 by

We understand why you want to be your own boss. You get to

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Responsibilities You’ll Take on in a Continuing Care Aide Career

28 Feb 2023 by

Individuals who enjoy helping others and wish to work in

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Become an Accounting Clerk After Earning Your Accounting Diploma

15 Feb 2023 by

Corporations (large, medium and small) rely on the

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Why Now is The Best Time to Pursue Business Administration Training

25 Jan 2023 by

Business administrators are professionals who lead company

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3 Reasons to Choose Corporate Training in Adobe Creative Cloud For Your Business

18 Jan 2023 by

Businesses recognize the need to get creative about how

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3 Reasons To Work At a Family Law Firm After Legal Assistant Training

7 Dec 2022 by

Family law is a multi-faceted field that involves all

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Do You Have These 4 Traits? If So, Administrative Assistant College Might Be Right For You!

16 Nov 2022 by

If working in an office environment has always appealed to

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3 Ways to Make a Positive Impact After Earning a Personal Care Aide Diploma

2 Nov 2022 by

There’s no doubt that becoming a personal care aide is a

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3 Work Environments to Explore After Legal Assistant College

7 Sep 2022 by

Behind every good lawyer is a great legal assistant.

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corporate training program

3 Reasons to Complete a Corporate Training Program in Cybersecurity

17 Aug 2022 by

As more organizations shift to conducting business online,

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graphic design courses

The Benefits of Completing a Work Practicum During a Graphic Design Program

10 Aug 2022 by

If you’ve been considering a career in graphic design,

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medical administration courses

3 Trends that Are Affecting Graduates of Medical Administration College

6 Jul 2022 by

Between the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the

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administrative assistant program

Why Now is a Great Time to Earn Your Administrative Assistant Diploma

16 Jun 2022 by

Administrative Assistants rely on a diverse skill set to

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3 Career Paths Open to Graduates With an Accounting Diploma

1 Jun 2022 by

If you’re looking for a career path where you can put

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Project Management Trends to Prepare for With Corporate Training Courses

26 May 2022 by

If you’re interested in improving your team’s Project

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4 Skills You’ll Need to Start Your Career With a Graphic Design Diploma

4 May 2022 by

Looking for a career that doubles as an outlet for your

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Discover the Benefits of Dropping by Saskatoon Business College’s Open House

20 Apr 2022 by

If you’re interested in building the skills to make a

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legal assistant program

4 Interview Questions to Expect After Legal Assistant College

16 Mar 2022 by

Legal Assistants have a dynamic role that covers both

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Why You Should Consider a Network Administration Program in 2022

1 Mar 2022 by

It can be difficult to fully commit to the idea of

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corporate training program

4 Soft Skills You Can Develop Through Corporate Training Courses

15 Dec 2021 by

Hard skills are essential to perform certain tasks and

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How to Create a Winning Resume After Earning Your Legal Assistant Diploma

1 Dec 2021 by

Legal assistants have exciting and busy days while working

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corporate training courses

Top 4 Reasons to Develop Skills Within Your Company Through Corporate Training Courses

17 Nov 2021 by

If you’re a business owner or manager, you’ve probably

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corporate training program

Why Corporate Training Courses are Becoming Increasingly Important For Businesses

2 Nov 2021 by

In the modern workplace, it’s becoming more important

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3 Interview Questions You Can Expect After Completing a Business Program

12 Oct 2021 by

Business administrators oversee a number of day-to-day

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3 Reasons to Enroll Your Team in a Project Management Corporate Training Program

7 Oct 2021 by

At its core, project management is about utilizing a

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What You Can Expect from a Career After Administrative Assistant Courses

1 Sep 2021 by

Working as an administrative assistant is a dynamic and

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Why Cyber Security Corporate Training Courses are Important For Your Team This Year

31 Aug 2021 by

Training is an essential part of developing an informed and

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Looking For a Way to Upskill Your Team? 4 Ways Corporate Training Courses Can Help

11 Aug 2021 by

Upskilling is an essential part of keeping your employees

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3 Key Skills to Help You Succeed after Network Administration College

4 Aug 2021 by

Network administrators are responsible for maintaining the

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Is Career College Right for You? 4 Benefits of Pursuing Vocational Training

21 Jul 2021 by

No matter where you’re at in your career path, there’s

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How a Corporate Training Program in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Can Benefit Your Team

9 Jun 2021 by

Providing employees with new learning opportunities is an

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Considering Network Administration Courses? A Day in the Life of an IT Network Administrator

3 Jun 2021 by

As an IT Network Administrator, you’ll play an important

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Enrolled in a Legal Assistant Program? 4 Tips for Staying Organized on the Job

12 May 2021 by

On any given day, Legal Assistants have a variety of

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Medical Administration Courses Could Be Right for You if You Have these 5 Qualities

28 Apr 2021 by

Medical Administrative Assistants have an important role

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Professional Organization Tips for Students Enrolled in an Accounting Program

31 Mar 2021 by

Accounting professionals manage a variety of financial data

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business diploma

Setting Realistic Goals for the Year Ahead as You Prepare to Attend Saskatoon Business College

30 Dec 2020 by

The end of one year and the beginning of a new one is a

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online medical administration college

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Online Medical Administration Courses

9 Dec 2020 by

There are plenty of great reasons for taking your medical

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3 Essential Skills That Will Help Graduates Of Accounting Courses

25 Nov 2020 by

If you’re thinking about becoming an accounting

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How to Successfully Navigate Virtual School When Taking Online Business Courses

11 Nov 2020 by

We’re relying on the internet in more and more ways these

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Network Administration Courses

Why Should You Take Network Administration Courses?

1 Nov 2020 by

In an increasingly digital world, information technology is

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Corporate Training Courses

Would Your Team Benefit From Corporate Training Courses in the Microsoft Office Suite?

30 Oct 2020 by

In any business, having a technology-fluent team is key for

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legal assistant program

3 Signs You Are Ready for a Legal Assistant Career

5 Oct 2020 by

Lawyers have difficult and important jobs, but the work

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5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in a Personal Care Aide Diploma Program this Year

16 Sep 2020 by

Deciding on a career is a big decision, made only more

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3 Essentials Skills You Need to Succeed in an Administrative Assistant Program

26 Aug 2020 by

Administrative assistants are essential in almost every

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Interested in Online Healthcare Training? Discover 4 Medical Courses You Can Complete Online

15 Jun 2020 by

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many people to think

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5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Enroll In A Medical Administration Program

29 May 2020 by

After graduating from Saskatoon Business College’s

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Why Soft Skills Are Essential and How Our Corporate Training in Saskatoon Helps Develop Them

19 May 2020 by Saskatoon Business College

In the corporate business world, hard skills and

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5 Ways A Business Program Will Support Your Career Transition

22 Apr 2020 by Saskatoon Business College

What does your dream career look like to you? Do you want a

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A Guide to Work-Life Balance When Taking Post-Secondary Courses… and Beyond

8 Apr 2020 by Saskatoon Business College

Research has shown that overworking can have negative

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