SBC Testimonials

SBC Alumni

Brad-Lee Gamble | Business Administration diploma

“I graduated from Business Administration recently. I am just letting you know that I got a job with Affinity Credit Union. I thank you all for the great job you do, none of this would be possible if it were not for the great staff you have at SBC.”

Tanya Kirtzinger | Administrative Assistant, Accelerated diploma

“I am happy to announce that I received a permanent position at my job. This position is exactly what I envisioned as the first step toward my career in business/office administration. It is because of the communication and customer service skills, the computer program knowledge, and the basic skills of accounting and bookkeeping that I have gained through studying at the Saskatoon Business College that I have been offered this permanent full-time position. I am really pleased to announce this important career move in my life, and it definitely makes me certain that SBC was the best choice in broadening my career options. “

Jessica Dyck | Legal Assistant/Legal Administrative Assistant diplomas

“I am a student in the LAA/LA course and I just wanted to send you an update of my interview process from this week. Monday I went for an interview at two law firms. Both were for a Legal Assistant position. This morning I received offers from both firms. I just wanted to say that I am very happy with how much you and Sandi were there to help with finding opportunities for the legal students. It made the process of applying for positions and getting interviews so much easier and I couldn’t be more excited to start my new career. Thank you very much for all of your help.”

Derek AJ Kuntz | Computer Accounting Technician diploma

“SBC was definitely a great asset in my careers!”

Natalie BazinMi | ning Industry Business Specialist diploma

“The Mining Industry Business Specialist Diploma provided me with the industry knowledge and skills I needed to get noticed. The course gave me an excellent foundation upon which to start building a career in the mining industry.”

Rita Ilesanmi | SBC Online program in Accounting/Bookkeeping

"While I worked and had no time during the business hours, I desired to have additional qualifications to boost my existing knowledge and competence in Accounting/Bookkeeping, I got introduced by a colleague to SBC online study. I was skeptical at the beginning, but after the completion of the course, my overall experience at SBC Online program in Accounting/Bookkeeping (411) was amazing. The instructor was very helpful, prompt to answer questions and gave explicit explanations to all questions. It was like having a real face-to-face class experience."

Ashely P

Amazing school! Great teachers and support staff, always ready to help you if you need anything. Helped find a job upon completing school. Handled the Covid transition very well Would HIGHLY recommend SBC over SIAST.

What Employers says about SBC grads

S. Pister | Office Manager, Queen Street Diagnostic Imaging

"When a resume crosses my desk that mentions education received at Saskatoon Business College, it always goes to the top of the list for possible consideration. We have always found that SBC grads are better prepared professionally in handling office procedures. SBC grads also seem to have a stronger work ethic. Another bonus is that SBC grads truly have achieved the grades they receive as I am aware that SBC has high standards and requirements."

M. Bone | Branch Manager, Investment Advisor, MGI Securities

"We’ve had some resounding success with SBC over the years. I can’t think of one that didn’t work out. There are a lot of them who are still in the system some 15 years later."

Chris Mighton | CMA Controller, ClearTech Industries Inc.

"Thanks you so much for your help. SBC has been an excellent source of quality employees to our company and we look forward to employing more SBC graduates in the future."

Colleen Lieffers | Office Manager McMorrow Construction

“Thank you so very much for sending us a recent graduate. She has been a great addition to our team. Professional, great attitude, work ethic, the whole package. You rock!”