Order Your Transcript

The transcript is the official record of your academic activity at Saskatoon Business College. Your official transcript will be sent directly to the address (for example, another educational institution) you provide or you may pick it up in person.

There is a charge of $36.75 ($35 + GST) for official transcripts. The order takes approximately 3-5 business days to be processed. *

This fee may be paid online, by phone, or by cheque or cash.

*Archival transcripts are those that predate our database system and must be located from our archives and entered manually.  If your transcript is found to be an archival search, our registrar will notify you. An additional $26.25 will apply. Process times are 5-10 business days.

Contact SBC at 306-244-6333 or 1-800-679-7711 (Canada Only)

Fax 306-652-4888

Or send your request by mail to:
Saskatoon Business College
221 Third Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H7

Order Your T2202A

T2202A Tax Forms contain a tax record of your tuition payments in the calendar year. One form is issued to students in good financial standing at their Departure Meetings. If you require a replacement copy or did not receive one, you may reorder one now.

There is a charge of $36.75 ($35 + GST) for replacement copies of the T2202A tax form. The order takes approximately 3—5 days to process.

Order a Replacement Diploma

An official diploma is issued to graduating students in good financial standing approximately 6—8 weeks after they completed their program.

If you require a replacement diploma, the charge is $63.00 ($60 + GST) and requires 3—5 business days.