3 Interview Questions You Can Expect After Completing a Business Program

Business administrators oversee a number of day-to-day business operations. Their work involves liaising with suppliers, implementing growth strategies, and analyzing budget activities or financial data. When recruiting for business administrators to join their team, employers look for candidates with a broad knowledge of essential business functions. Along with technical expertise, additional skills in leadership, communication, and problem-solving demonstrate one’s ability to adapt to different tasks within a team. In a job interview, it’s important to communicate clearly and confidently, while tailoring your responses to the specific question. Having an idea of the kinds of questions that might be asked is the best way to prepare. Read on for a look at three common interview questions and how to impress employers in your responses!

1. First Question for Business Program Students to Ponder: What Skills Will You Bring to the Position? 

Asking candidates to discuss their skill-set is a way of testing their understanding of the position at hand. Employers want to know which traits you consider to be the most relevant in a professional business setting. A business administrator is responsible for negotiating new contracts with customers, establishing partnerships with other businesses, and relaying information to a team of company workers. In that case, strong communication and presentation skills are a must. 

At the same time, business administrators should create a positive working environment that addresses the concerns of the whole team. Good leadership skills should help you to prioritize your workers, increase employee satisfaction, and promote productivity in the business. By demonstrating an understanding of these essential skills, graduates of a business program will be ready to take on careers in marketing, purchasing, real estate, and banking. 

Discuss your communication and teamwork skills in an interview

2. Which Computer Applications Are You Familiar With? 

Every office job today requires familiarity with common office software and computer applications. Employers will be looking for candidates who stay up to date with the latest technological advancements and have experience using a range of software tools. Those with a business administration diploma will have covered the most common computer applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Many business administrator roles also involve accounting and bookkeeping duties. In that case, highlight your experience using QuickBooks as well as financial mathematics during your business program. 

If an employer mentions software or applications that you’re unfamiliar with, it’s a good idea to discuss your ability to learn a new program quickly. In any case, applicants should demonstrate that they’re comfortable learning and applying new technology to the role. As much as anything, employers will appreciate a willingness to meet new challenges with innovative solutions. 

Highlight your experience using computer applications during your business program

3. How Would You Deal With a Difficult Situation With a Supplier?

Business administrators have to manage communications with several internal and external parties, including suppliers and vendors that are essential to the smooth operations of the business. In some instances, you may encounter difficulty organizing supplies or negotiating with those parties. Employers may ask this question to determine your skills in adaptable management, including problem-solving and conflict-resolution. Superior candidates should be able to demonstrate strong negotiating skills and an ability to work effectively with suppliers in any context. By showing that you can maintain an air of professionalism and resilience in tight situations, you’ll prove yourself a valuable addition to any business team. 

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