3 Ways to Make a Positive Impact After Earning a Personal Care Aide Diploma

There’s no doubt that becoming a personal care aide is a rewarding career path. Your primary responsibility in this role is to provide personal care and activities of daily living for clients/patients/residents to encourage an optimum level of functioning. 

It might sound simple, but in reality, the job of a personal care aide is multifaceted and often complex. You’ll perform a wide variety of duties, including helping with personal care, nutrition, mobility, cleaning, sanitation, and housekeeping tasks. You are an important member of the health care team as you also report and record the patient’s condition to the health team. When you work in the client’s home, you also coordinate the clients’ schedules, run errands, and keep your clients engaged in social activities in the community. 

Your career will allow you to make a profound difference in clients’ lives as you provide companionship, quality care, and the option to live independently in the comfort of their own homes. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Offer Companionship to Comfort Your Clients 

There are many situations that could cause your client to feel isolated from the outside world–and even from their own friends and families. This is especially the case when their mobility is compromised, or they have a condition that prevents them from participating in certain social activities. 

As a personal care aide, you’ll make a lasting positive impact on your clients’ lives by providing them with the companionship they might be missing in their lives. Establishing a trusting relationship with your clients that allows them to view you as a confidante will help you provide a better care service to them and, of course, make them feel less alone. The comfort you’ll offer clients after personal care aide training will certainly be appreciated.

Providing companionship is one way you’ll make a positive impact after personal care aide training.

2. Make Everyday Life Manageable for Clients After Personal Care Aide Training 

Most of us take our ability to care for ourselves independently for granted. It is easy to forget that many people struggle to bathe, get dressed, and get around on their own. According to Statistics Canada, the population is aging rapidly for a variety of reasons, including increases in life expectancy and lower birth rates. With the aging population, more members of our community may need help to complete the tasks of daily living. The assistance you will provide after completing your personal care aide diploma will offer relief to those who find it difficult to complete everyday tasks. You will be significantly improving their quality of life, which makes for extremely meaningful work.

Help clients complete daily living tasks after personal care aide training.

3. Help Clients in Long Term Care Facilities or in the Comfort of Their Own Homes 

The personal care aide training equips you to provide care in long-term care facilities and/or in the client’s home.  Some clients may live in residential care facilities or in the comfort of their own homes. The training offered by SBC College allows the personal care aide to provide the service and care the clients need to live comfortably in the residential care facility or their own homes. Our trained personal care aides provide one-on-one individualized care that allows clients to maintain their sense of dignity. The Personal Care Aide program at SBC College will prepare you to work in this rewarding field, giving you the opportunity to get real experience in the workforce through our Earn While You Learn Program. 


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