Discover the Benefits of Dropping by Saskatoon Business College’s Open House

If you’re interested in building the skills to make a career transition, you’re probably trying to determine the best possible training program for your needs. In this case, Open Houses are a great opportunity to obtain valuable information about a college or a specific training program. Open House events provide visitors with a greater understanding of the academics, the campus atmosphere and experience, and the different aspects of programs on offer. 

At Saskatoon Business College (SBC), we’re hosting an Open House on May 4th. This Open House will be an opportunity for prospective students to learn more about the programs we offer, meet our faculty, staff and current students, gain insight into our student services and get a feel for campus life. Below, discover more about the benefits of attending our Open House event if you’re considering career training.

Learn More About the Diploma Programs Offered

Saskatoon Business College has a number of different diploma programs to choose from, including Computer Programs, Administrative Programs, Business Programs, Legal Programs and Healthcare Programs. The right program will depend on the career you want to pursue as well as your personal interests; your decision will be an important one. 

When you attend SBC’s Open House, you’ll be able to explore the programs offered and ask any specific questions you might have. You’ll receive valuable insight which will influence your decision, learning from current students, professors and staff about the contents of each program to help you determine which one is right for you.

Attending our open house is a great way to explore the programs offered at our business school

See the Campus Environment and Explore the Facilities for Yourself

When you’re conducting all your research about a school or program online, it can be difficult to get a feel for what it’s actually like as a student there. Attending SBC’s Open House is a great opportunity to tour the campus, observe the different facilities and experience the school’s atmosphere. Seeing SBC for yourself will help you to picture a future there as a student, checking out all the locations where you’ll be spending your time. 

Meet Your Future Instructors, Alumni and Current Students

One of the biggest benefits of attending an Open House event is the ability to meet your future instructors in person, in addition to possibly speaking with alumni or current students. At the SBC Open House on May 4th, you’ll be able to meet staff and faculty, asking them questions about curriculum, job placement opportunities and other program-related concerns. Your future instructors will be able to tell you everything you need to know about career training at SBC, while students may be able to fill you in on study groups or extracurricular activities.

Meet SBC faculty and staff at our open house

Get Valuable Information About Student Services and Forms of Assistance

If you’re considering upskilling or building skills for a new career, it’s likely that you’ll be concerned regarding the level of support you’ll receive from your institution. By attending the SBC Open House, you’ll have the chance to speak with staff about your options for financial assistance, in addition to the forms of career placement support offered at SBC. You may also be able to explore SBC’s connections with employers in the field, giving you a better understanding of the exit opportunities available to you as an SBC grad. 

Are you interested in learning more about our business school?

See if SBC is right for you by attending our Open House on May 4th!