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Want to Put Your Degree to Work? Take Our Accelerated Administrative Assistant Diploma Program

Many liberal arts and professional university graduates struggle to get started in a competitive labour market and are seeking a way to enter the workforce. If this applies to you, administrative work could be the perfect pathway to your dream career.

Administrative work can be a great way to earn a living as you continue your studies and work toward your professional goals. The accelerated administrative assistant diploma program prepares university graduates to excel in various office settings with plenty of career advancement opportunities. Keep reading to discover how this program will prepare you to start working fast. 

Access Several Work Opportunities After Our Accelerated Administrative Assistant Diploma Program

Administrative assistant skills are needed across industries. Coupled with a university degree, this accelerated program will demonstrate to employers that you have the industry knowledge and practical skills to manage daily operations in an office setting. We provide two specialization options that allow students to narrow the focus on their career goals further and get hired faster.

Our students can pursue a legal or medical track, preparing students to navigate office work in both fields. Upon graduation, you will have access to various work opportunities in organizations big and small as you develop your career.

administrative assistant diploma graduate on the phone sitting at a desk in front of a laptop
Our accelerated administrative assistant diploma program opens doors to diverse opportunities.

Learn In-Demand Skills to Thrive in the Modern Workplace

The accelerated administrative assistant diploma program is designed to provide students with the competencies needed to thrive in a modern office environment. Graduates are highly proficient in Microsoft Office 2019, business communications, basic accounting, and administrative procedures. 

Legal students are introduced to legal computer applications, document preparation, legal terminology, and more. Those completing the medical track will learn medical clinical procedures, terminology and anatomy, electronic medical systems, and more. Preparing our graduates to thrive in any modern office setting!

administrative assistant diploma graduate using a tablet while sitting at a desk
Our accelerated administrative assistant diploma prepares students to thrive.

Start Working Quickly With or Without a Bachelor’s Degree

Our administrative assistant training program is seven months long, allowing our graduates to find work quickly. For the sake of efficiency, ensure that you have the prerequisites required. These include a bachelor’s degree and attending our pre-enrollment information session. What if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree? You can still receive all the skills you need to enter the administrative field at SBC College when you take our nine-month administrative assistant training program, which requires a high school diploma or GED.

Students who take our medical specialization can look forward to employment in private doctors’ offices, public health clinics, provincial health regions, and with medical specialists. Legal graduates find work assisting lawyers and attorneys in their practices.

Ready to start the accelerated administrative assistant program at our career college?

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