How a Corporate Training Program in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Can Benefit Your Team

Providing employees with new learning opportunities is an effective way of increasing their skill sets and growing your business. Choosing to focus on the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite can equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to apply their creativity in ways that contribute to the success of your business as well as their professional development.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is a powerful collection of high-level industry applications that allow users to create professional and effective graphics for marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, and websites. According to a recent study by LinkedIn, creativity is considered to be the most in-demand soft skill across different businesses. By training to use Adobe’s wide range of applications, employees can develop valuable skills that significantly improve your team’s productivity and creative output. 

Think it will take too long to get your team trained up in Adobe Creative Cloud applications? Think again! Saskatoon Business College (SBC) offers several intensive one-day courses for rapid skills acquisition. Here’s a closer look at how this type of corporate training can benefit your team and your business.

Creating Effective Graphics and Page Layouts with Illustrator and InDesign

The Adobe Creative Cloud includes access to industry-leading applications designed to maximize creativity and increase efficiency, like Illustrator and InDesign. SBC offers one-day Level 1 and Level 2 courses in both of these incredibly useful applications. Through our Illustrator level 1 training, professionals new to graphic design can learn to create images, logos, advertisements, and other graphic documents. Those with more advanced skills can benefit from our Illustrator level 2 course, discovering how to work with complex graphics, special effects, as well as composite and commercial printing. 

Employees working on page layouts can learn to create high-quality professional work in our one-day long corporate training courses. You can expect your employees to successfully handle page elements and enhance documents with formats, colour, and styles. Those taking our level 2 InDesign course also learn how to manage dynamic documents and export files to other formats. By signing your team members up for one of SBC’s one-day courses, your employees can start quickly creating amazing content for your business.

With corporate training, employees can learn to use industry-leading applications

Mastering Digital Imaging and More with Corporate Training in Photoshop

We also offer one-day Photoshop Level 1 & 2 training, so you can equip your team with the skills they need to prepare photos for print and web publishing. They can start with mastering the basics of digital imaging, learning to modify and repair images as well as manage colours and adjust layers. This training can be further expanded on through our second-level Photoshop course, designed for intermediate and advanced users.

Employees with a little existing knowledge of Photoshop can take our second-level course to streamline their creative process—automating repetitive tasks and integrating their work with other Adobe applications. They can also learn to create stunning visual effects, retouch images, and work with video files. Through this high-level corporate training program, you can ensure that your team develops the right skills to effectively manage tasks and engage your unique audience. 

Employees with Photoshop training can enhance images that engage the right audience.

Increasing Team Efficiency After a Corporate Training Program

Your team also benefits from Adobe’s 1TB of storage per user policy, which allows them to save their files on the cloud and resume their work from anywhere in the world. After their training, your employees can begin adopting more efficient workflows that also integrate popular business tools, like Microsoft Teams or Slack. Ensuring that your team knows how to make the most out of Adobe’s applications, including Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, will prepare them to take on new projects with more agility and expertise.

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