If You’re Considering Network Administration Courses, Here’s Why IT Is So Important For Business

Today, businesses rely on technology to operate at almost every level. With the digital revolution came a major shift in the workplace environment, placing computers and technology at the centre of business operations– and technology has only continued to advance since. 

Today’s businesses rely on technology to communicate, store and keep track of data, reach customers, and much more. Specifically, most modern businesses require information technology (IT) infrastructure in order to operate. IT includes telecommunications technologies such as the Internet and phones as well as hardware and software systems and networks, including databases, operating systems, applications, servers, storage, and more. 

Network administrators have an essential role in the operations of businesses today, as they maintain and configure the IT infrastructure that businesses rely on. If you’re considering network administration training, here are some of the ways you will help businesses function once you begin your career.

IT Allows Businesses to Automate their Processes

Automation is among the most important and impactful aspects of technology for businesses in a variety of industries. Through electronic and computerized systems such as cloud computing technology, companies can keep track of their transactions, documents, and digital records. Cloud computing technology gives companies access to servers, data storage, applications and more via the internet, and allows companies to keep virtual records of their processes and operations. 

Storing information virtually gives businesses the opportunity to automate their processes, increasing efficiency and productivity, as well as reducing costs. Innovation through automation will continue to increase in the future, and those with a network administration diploma can help businesses to configure the IT infrastructure necessary to pave the way for automated processes. 

IT Enables Businesses to Maintain a Secure Network

With the amount of information and data stored and transmitted by businesses via the internet, it’s more important than ever for businesses to maintain a secure network. Faulty or unsecured network connections leave businesses at risk of having their data compromised or their communication channels hacked, a risk which most companies cannot afford, especially when making confidential transactions or dealing with high-profile clients. Cloud computing technologies enable the storage of data on internet servers, but this data remains vulnerable without proper security measures.

Businesses rely on network administrators to keep their intelligence protected

Since businesses are increasingly reliant on the internet to store and record data and transactions, network administrators play a crucial role in helping businesses protect their intelligence. Through Saskatoon Business College’s network administration program, students can gain CompTIA certifications such as Network +, Cloud +, Server + and Security Plus +. These certifications equip graduates with the capacity to navigate cloud technologies, as well as the ability to install, maintain and monitor networks for connectivity issues. With these skills, graduates protect the information businesses store in the cloud from cyber threats and damage, keeping their networks secure. 

Technology Allows for Streamlined Communication

One of the major benefits of IT for businesses is that it allows for communication to be streamlined, among branches, departments, and employees. If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the importance of virtual communication channels and video conferencing platforms for when employees can’t physically be present in the office. IT infrastructure makes the use of these virtual platforms possible and makes it easy for companies to choose their preferred method of communication, whether that is via email, software, or an application. IT systems allow employees to access data and communicate with colleagues from any location, while information is protected from hackers and cyber-attacks through effective security measures. 

Having functioning IT systems in place allows businesses to streamline communication and utilize virtual platforms

Help Companies Expand Their Business Model with A Network Administration Diploma

What does streamlined communication, improved customer outreach, and automated processes mean for a business? All of these benefits allow companies to take their business model further and explore new opportunities for profit. IT allows businesses to expand their operations across borders and target previously unfamiliar consumer audiences. A company operating in Canada could utilize IT to make predictions about how well their services would be received in another country, using the data to inform the expansion of their operations. 

Today, IT provides companies with the tools to strategize, take risks, and develop innovative ideas for the future of their business model. IT is very important to modern businesses, network administrators are essential in keeping IT systems functional and optimized, allowing businesses to operate productively and break new ground.

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