A class of students undergoing skills-based education at our career college

The Importance of Skills-Based Education in Today’s Job Market

The modern job market is fast becoming highly competitive, fueled by innovation and enterprise. Now more than ever, the workplaces and industries that help us meet our everyday needs place a premium on the skills and resources their personnel offer. This is why skills-based learning should be considered for its place and value in today’s job market.

This blog discusses the most critical reasons why skills-based education is the way forward.

A Key Importance of Skills-based Education: It Helps Bridge the Skills Gap

As modern technology advances and industry demands evolve, an accompanying skills gap opens up across most workplaces. For employers to meet their goals and targets, they need to fill up this gap as soon as it opens up, and this is where skilled personnel come in.

One primary importance of skills-based education is that it focuses on teaching adaptable and flexible skills. These skills can be deployed to fit in different real-world situations and provide the needed outcome. A curriculum emphasizing skills-based learning equips learners with the resources, knowledge, and know-how to solve complex problems.

One primary importance of skills-based education at SBC is our focus on teaching adaptable and flexible skills. At SBC, students are well-prepared for the challenges of the modern job market.

Our dedication to this approach is underscored by our numerous accreditations and partnerships, which include:

– SABEX Hall of Fame

– National Association of Career Colleges (NACC)

– Saskatchewan Association of Career Colleges (SACC)

– National American University (NAU)

These affiliations ensure that our programs meet the highest standards of educational quality, enabling us to equip our students with the right skills to succeed in their careers.

A cheerful instructor giving a presentation to students at our career college
Skills-based training at our career college focuses on teaching adaptable and flexible skills.

Increased Productivity After Our Career College

Employees with the right skills in any workplace tend to be far more efficient and productive than their counterparts. They have the best approach and techniques for solving problems and know which outcomes to expect from their actions.

This means they can better design processes and workflows and deploy resources. At our career college, we want our students to compete favorably and deliver in their chosen vocations. This is why we practicalize their learning experience so they know what to expect in the real world. Our efforts are reflected in the positive feedback from employers:

“Thank you so much for your help. SBC has been an excellent source of quality employees to our company and we look forward to employing more SBC graduates in the future.”

Chris Mighton, CMA Controller, Cleartech Industries Inc.

Accelerating Career Entry and Advancement

Unlike traditional education paths that require long years of study before entering the workforce, skills-based learning offers a shorter, more direct route. The timeline from skills acquisition to workplace entry is significantly reduced, providing quicker access to employment and career advancement.

A group of cheerful career college students
Skills-based education at our career college equips you to hit the ground running.

At SBC, we enhance this advantage. Our mission is to provide top-quality education and training that is current, challenging, and relevant to the global marketplace. We offer short (9-12 month) diploma programs for students seeking professional training in various business or administrative environments.

What sets our career college in Saskatoon apart is our comprehensive support system. Our full-time Graduate-Employer Liaison assists hundreds of graduates each year (free of charge) in finding career-related employment. Many of Saskatoon’s top companies rely on SBC to fill vacancies, often not publicly advertised. This personalized support gives our graduates a significant edge in the job market.

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