Invest in a Brighter Future for the New Year! Become Career-Ready Through a Diploma Program at SBC

Are you ready to gear your life towards a more rewarding future? There’s no better time than the new year, when the motivation to chase your dreams is high. When you choose a diploma program at Saskatoon Business College, you can earn your diploma and graduate in less than one year. Where do you want to be in the new year?

Whether you’re making a long-awaited career switch, want to gain additional certification in your field, or seeking credentials to find the perfect job in Canada, SBC can help you reach your goals in 2022. With an excellent track record as a nationally-accredited career college, SBC can help you achieve the career you’ve always dreamed of. Discover how our hands-on, practical training approach will give you the confidence and experience you need to excel after graduation.

Career Training Provides Valuable, Real-World Insight Into Your Industry

Instructors at SBC have, on average, 15 years of teaching experience, as they help our mature students translate their passions into career success. With a wealth of experience, our instructors are able to bring valuable and informed insight to the classroom. Having helped so many students through the process of vocational training, our instructors know the optimal teaching methods and how best to prepare students for real-world roles once they receive their diploma.

Additionally, SBC offers small class sizes that prioritize individualized teaching to ensure each student’s needs are met. When you decide to pursue a diploma at SBC, you can count on exceptional support from our dedicated instructors. In addition to our instructors, students have access to a full-time Graduate-Employer Liaison who is committed to providing support to students searching for that perfect job after graduation. 

Experienced instructors give students access to valuable insight into their industry

A Fast Track to New Career Opportunities

SBC programs offer students the option to complete their diplomas in less than one year. This quick path to a world of new career opportunities is unique, as it can give you all of the tools you need to succeed in such a short time period. Career training at SBC achieves this in under one year through extensive hands-on training that will prepare you for what a real-world role will look like after you graduate. 

When you gain valuable experience – where you actively participate in the curriculum and apply newly-acquired skills – you will gain the confidence to bring your knowledge to life in your future career. Our classrooms provide small group training in a welcoming environment to help you acquire the perfect professional learning experience. 

SBC diploma programs offer small class sizes to meet every student’s individual needs

SBC Serves as a Primary Source of Recruitment for Saskatoon Employers

Dating back to 1907, SBC has an impressively long history with a strong academic reputation. This makes it easier for prospective students to depend on our programs for professional development, knowing that their investment in their career growth will pay off. Students can also opt to complete a practicum along with their diploma program to help them move into their careers seamlessly with work experience under their belt. 

SBC has a reputation that extends beyond its student body and into the professional world. SBC has an excellent reputation among employers and over time, it has become a primary source of recruitment for companies in Saskatoon seeking qualified employees. This gives students at SBC a leg up with any businesses that may not publicly advertise their job opportunities. When you choose a diploma at SBC, you are paving the way for a prosperous future in the industry of your choice.

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