Project Management Trends to Prepare for With Corporate Training Courses

If you’re interested in improving your team’s Project Management approach, there’s never been a better time to do so. Today, organizations conduct business within the Project Economy, fulfilling demand, creating products and driving innovation and growth within organized projects. Project management has evolved over time, and with advancements in technology and changes to modern businesses, new concepts are shaping this field.

In 2022, there are a number of Project Management trends which are expected to have a big impact on the future. If you’re considering enhancing your team’s Project Management capacity, Saskatoon Business College’s corporate training courses will align your team with the latest trends in the industry, enabling your organization to continue innovating. Upon completion of the course, your team will have the skills to successfully initiate and carry out a project and be prepared to write the PMP certification exam.

Below, discover some Project Management trends which corporate training courses can help your team prepare for.

Remote and Hybrid Project Teams

Although the majority of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have lifted, the impact the pandemic has left on the workplace will remain for a long time. Remote and hybrid systems of working are here to stay, and for Project Management teams, this means adapting to online meetings and using technology to their advantage. Through corporate training courses, your team will learn how to plan for working in remote and hybrid conditions while completing a project. With training, your team will be able to effectively communicate, develop schedules and execute the project virtually.

In the future, remote and hybrid teams will be more common

Advancements in PM Tool Technology

With advancements in technology, project management tools have become more developed. As machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are introduced into project management systems, data is being captured and analyzed for teams to use in different ways. For example, these technologies allow project managers to perform automated tasks such as data visualization, scheduling and more. What’s more, there are more cloud-based project management tools which can improve cross-company collaboration and access to information. In the future, we’re sure to see a wider range of possibilities in terms of the capabilities of project management tools.

A Focus on Resource Management

Studies have shown that effective resource planning is one of the biggest indicators of a project’s success. Project management teams must be capable of identifying the right people for the job, creating collaborative working environments for their teams, and applying emotional intelligence (EQ) to become better leaders and colleagues. Resource management will be essential in the future, and with a corporate training program, you can prepare to effectively coordinate resources and employees within projects. At SBC, your team will develop the necessary skills to predict, plan for and retain resources more accurately.

With corporate training courses, learn how to prepare for the future by focusing on resource management

Agile Methods Gain Traction

The agile methodology consists of tactics and principles which project management professionals can integrate in order to break a project down into manageable pieces. Given the challenges that accompany remote work, making projects more digestible has the potential to improve virtual collaboration. While Agile has been used in the past, it’s being adopted at a higher rate. With Agile, teams can see more clearly what a project needs, where goals are being met and who is best suited to accomplish them within the team.

With Corporate Training Courses, Prepare to Meet a Changing Industry

Project management processes are changing fast, and today, it’s important to ensure that your organization and team possess the skills to compete. With corporate training courses at SBC, your team will learn how to use the latest technology and techniques to plan projects, including developing contracts and schedules, assessing risks, and determining quality and costs. If you believe that your team could benefit from corporate training in Project Management, contact SBC to learn more about what our program offers.

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