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The Benefits of Completing a Work Practicum During a Graphic Design Program

If you’ve been considering a career in graphic design, there’s nothing more important than completing a work practicum before stepping into your new role. As a graphic design specialist, you’ll be using your creative talents and software skills to complete a variety of graphic design projects, depending on the specialty you choose. 

Whether you’re interested in working in advertising, marketing, print, graphic design departments in larger corporations, or even starting your own business, participating in a work practicum will help you to refine your skills, build your network and identify an area of specialization.

At Saskatoon Business College, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a Graphic Design Specialist work practicum as a component of your program, equipping you with the experience and knowledge necessary to transition to a career in graphic design. Below, learn more about the benefits of completing a work practicum.

Discover Your Interests in the Industry

While you’ll have a chance to explore different areas of the graphic design industry during a graphic design program, a work practicum is where you’ll really dive deep into your interests. 

Graphic design involves lots of different specializations, including branding, web design, illustration, print and brochure design, digital design and more. A work practicum is a chance to gain experience from different teams that work on projects in these areas, helping you to understand the scope of the role and whether it’s of interest to you. 

You might find that you’d like to go in a different direction than you originally planned, or cement your interests in the field you’re entering.

graphic design program
Through a work practicum during your graphic design program, you’ll be able to discover different areas of the industry

Develop Your Network While You Earn Your Graphic Design Diploma

Not only is a work practicum a great chance to gain experience, but it’s also a time to meet other professionals in the industry. During a work practicum, you’ll work in an office, department, or related organization with other graphic design specialists, gradually building your network through collaboration and association. 

When you make a good impression on your colleagues, you’ll increase your chances of being connected with other opportunities and even landing a job in the future. By the time you complete your practicum and graphic design diploma, you’ll be equipped with the network necessary to navigate this dynamic industry.

Build a Stronger Portfolio 

When it comes to a career as a graphic design specialist, not only are your industry connections important, but you also need to impress potential employers with a strong portfolio. Your portfolio should include a variety of samples of your work, showcasing your strengths and different skill sets. 

After completing your work practicum, you’ll have plenty of different projects to include in your portfolio, as you’ll be working on real-world graphic design projects and gaining experience in the industry. With a more complete portfolio, you’ll be prepared to quickly land a job upon completing your program.

graphic design diploma
Creating a strong portfolio will help you to land a job after completing your training

Apply What You’ve Learned

During your courses at SBC, you’ll work with a range of different programs, gaining practical knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Web design, InDesign and Adobe After Effects. After building these skills, you’ll have the chance to apply what you’ve learned in an 8-week practicum, cementing your knowledge of these tools and improving your capacity to create with them. 

What’s more, a work practicum will help you to gain key soft skills, preparing you to collaborate in your future work environment. You’ll learn how to manage your time, work in a team and communicate effectively as a graphic design specialist, gearing you for a successful future.

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