Why Is It Important For Students In Graphic Design Courses To Learn About Adobe Illustrator?

If you’re thinking of becoming a graphic design specialist, but you’re not already familiar with Adobe Illustrator, then this article is for you. Adobe Illustrator is a valuable software program for every professional in the realm of graphic design. It is used to create both digital and printed images, as well as a variety of additional media, including graphs, logos, and more. First developed in 1987, it’s evolved with the graphic design profession and today is widely used throughout a variety of industries. If you’re interested in becoming a graphic design specialist, here’s what you can do with Adobe Illustrator, and why it’s an important software program to get to know. 

If You Have A Graphic Design Diploma, You Can Use Adobe Illustrator For A Variety Of Projects

With Adobe Illustrator, it’s possible to do more than just one kind of design. During your graphic design program, you might use Illustrator for a number of different projects. The software is compatible with the creation of a number of different designs and images, and is great for creating designs for print media and for digital purposes. Illustrator allows you to create logos with the pen tool, and you can draw icons using Illustrator’s grid system. Illustrator also offers great web design tools, giving designers the option to play around with various website wireframes to achieve a desired look. From the template they’ve created, designers can then slice and adjust with ease to make the page clean and navigable.

With Adobe Illustrator, graphic design specialists can create a variety of media forms

Adobe Illustrator Has Some Great Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator is full of surprising features that aspiring graphic designers will love. One of the great things about Adobe Illustrator is that it allows designers to import a photograph, which can be used as a guide for tracing, re-colouring, or repurposing the photograph to create a variety of different visual media. Illustrator makes this feature even easier for designers with the help of its pen tool. The pen tool allows for the creation of unique shapes, icons, or digital illustrations, which can be incorporated easily into designs. By using Illustrator’s features, designers are able to see their creations and visions come to life on a computer. 

You Can Use Adobe Illustrator To Edit Vector Graphics

Adobe Illustrator uses images in vector format instead of raster, enabling graphic designers to work primarily with vector graphics while using Illustrator. Why are vector images better? Raster images are composed of pixels, which come in handy for uploads and other tasks that require smaller file sizes. However, raster images are harder to edit because of these pixels, especially when enlarging them. Vector images are much easier to edit due to their use of mathematic equations, which make them appear smooth and high quality at any scale or size. With Adobe Illustrator, you can design images with precision and high resolution because of the program’s use of vector graphics, and after earning your graphic design diploma, you’ll be sure to appreciate this Adobe Illustrator feature. 

Students in a graphic design program can use Adobe Illustrator to edit images in vector format

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