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Why Now is a Great Time to Earn Your Administrative Assistant Diploma

Administrative Assistants rely on a diverse skill set to complete their day-to-day tasks, making each day different and rewarding. By becoming an Administrative Assistant in 2022, you contribute supporting your work environment in a variety of ways—either remotely or in-person. As a result, you’ll play a key role in facilitating customer relationships and business operations.

Completing an Administrative Assistant program allows you to develop the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the field. At Saskatoon Business College, you are able to benefit from a strong foundation that provides you with the opportunity to hone practical skills across a range of different subjects. If you’re interested in working on different tasks, exploring various career prospects, or utilizing your skills to support others on your team, a career as an Administrative Assistant may be the right fit for you!

Below, read on to discover what makes the job unique and why you should consider starting your Administrative Assistant training in 2022!

Discover Interesting Work Opportunities in an Industry You Admire

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing a career as an Administrative Assistant in 2022 is being able to explore a wide range of opportunities and work environments. Because the career isn’t linked to a specific sector, it allows you to consider entry-level positions in different industries—including education, entertainment, healthcare, technology, and more—so long as you meet the list of requirements.

In addition, you gain the chance to explore work opportunities at different types of organizations, from start-ups and small companies to large organizations and international enterprises. This enables you to choose the work environment that suits you best and appeals most to your personal interests. With your Administrative Assistant diploma, you can begin to gain experience, build your resume, and explore future opportunities in the field that you admire most.

administrative assistant college
Working as an Administrative Assistant allows you to explore career prospects in an environment and industry that suits you best

Develop a Broad Skill Set for Your Professional Development

Working as an Administrative Assistant in 2022 allows you to apply a wide range of skills on the job, making your day challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Even though your job description may vary depending on your workplace, it will likely feature similar requirements. This can include proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, strong business communication skills, basic accounting skills, as well as knowledge in key administrative procedures.

During the Administrative Assistant program at Saskatoon Business College, you’re able to study mathematics, communications, personal finance, accounting/bookkeeping, and human relations. Your coursework will also include topics on applied administrative procedures, records information management, and different computer applications. By completing this program, you gain valuable skills and experience in key subjects—positioning you for success as you launch your career.

administrative assistant diploma
After Administrative Assistant college, you’ll be ready to apply a broad range of skills to succeed on the job

Enter an In-Demand Field After Administrative Assistant College

Administrative Assistants in 2022 have a notably positive or fair career outlook, according to the Government of Canada’s Job Bank—which also expects a total of 41,700 new job openings during the period 2019 to 2028. Those looking for more lucrative career prospects may also benefit from pursuing a career as an Administrative Assistant, exploring opportunities for upward mobility.

As technological advancements continue to influence businesses and our day-to-day routines, Administrative Assistants turn to more challenging work—potentially taking on middle management positions as they gain more experience in the field and continue bolstering their resume. These positions can include working in a fast-paced environment as a senior executive assistant, utilizing advanced communication skills as a customer service manager, or applying high-level organization skills in an office management position.  

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