Why You Should Consider a Network Administration Program in 2022

It can be difficult to fully commit to the idea of switching careers when you don’t know exactly what to expect on the other side. Fortunately, a career in network administration can open up opportunities for job placements in a number of industries, giving you plenty to choose from once you graduate. 

At SBC, we believe that turning your passion into your career is worth it, which is why we offer flexible programs that can be completed in one year’s time. It’s a great time to get into a network administration career quickly, as Canada’s Job Bank rates the employability for this role as fairly high country-wide. If you want to learn more about this job title and the benefits that could be in your future when you choose a program at SBC, continue reading below.

You’ll Become an Asset as You Lead Your Team on the Technology Front

Businesses are continuously having to adapt to changes in technology, especially during the ongoing pandemic and the situations it has placed many businesses in. Technology is also advancing year after year, without any indication of slowing down. Getting started in a career within this space will solidify your value as a working professional. 

Businesses trying to stay on top of IT trends and best practices require the assistance of trained professionals who have completed a network administration program. The instructor-led program at SBC, which includes 15 weeks of practical work placement, gives graduates the confidence and knowledge to become a leading asset as they push for upgraded IT solutions.

Become a valuable asset with a network administration diploma

A Network Administration Diploma Program Can Kickstart Your Career  in Just 12 Months

A comprehensive Network Administration Diploma program not only offers hands-on training, but also important business experience and contacts that will help you jumpstart your career right away. SBC prioritizes helping students build these networks to foster career success. When you are able to gain such valuable experience and skills in such a short period of time, you’ll be able to quickly access the job market and tap into current demand.

With quick access to a foot in the door, you can really start to plan your future as you make headway in your training. Graduates of the SBC IT Network Administrator program go on to work as network administrators with IT service providers as well as in medium and large-sized companies.

The key to success is plenty of support, which you can find at SBC

You’ll Find Motivation in the Exciting New Challenges You Will Face Daily

The field of IT work will encourage you to think outside of the box as you navigate new challenges and situations on the job. Within this fast-paced environment, there will always be room to learn and grow your skills as you try your hand at any new situations that come your way. Training for this career path at SBC, a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and Saskatchewan’s only nationally accredited career college, gives you a reputable certification to start your career with.

As you advance in your career, you will gain more responsibilities on the job, giving you the chance to further improve your technical skills and apply them to new tasks. A diploma from SBC is just the beginning, giving you the skills you need to start a lucrative and rewarding career.

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