Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign CC – Level I

This course is designed for learners who want to explore the basic tools and features of InDesign for creating professional page layouts and designs. Learners must be confident in their computer’s operating system before registering.


  • Identify the various elements of Adobe InDesign interface.
  • Design documents.
  • Enhance documents with formats, colour, and styles
  • Work with page elements
  • Manage objects.
  • Finalize documents.

Adobe InDesign CC – Level II

This course is designed for learners who have completed Adobe InDesign CC – Level I and want to expand on their basic knowledge of InDesign by using advanced features and collaborative tools.


  • Handle page elements
  • Manage styles
  • Develop complex paths
  • Import and export data to external files
  • Work with SML files
  • Create dynamic documents
  • Manage long documents
  • Export InDesign files to other formats

Ready to Register?

If you are ready to register you may do so online by clicking the link the below, downloading the PDF application, or calling 306-244-6340.