Make a Payment

Visa or Mastercard

  1. Ensure the ENTIRE form is filled out completely.
  2. Type the payment amount under the “Amount (CAD)” field.
  3. The cardholder address and the billing address MUST match, including the postal code or the payment WILL be declined.
  4. The address DOES NOT have to match an address on your registration form, just that of the cardholder
  5. Cardholders MUST enter the CVD code on the back of the card
  6. Tuition payment for SBC diploma courses is NOT accepted

*For online courses, shipping charges may not be included.

* Effective September 2, 2020, all tuition/books/supplies paid using credit card will attract a 2% credit card fee.

 You can choose to use other payment options at the front office that do not attract a processing fee:

  • Bank draft or money order
  • Cheque
  • Debit card

Feel free to call us at 306-244-6333 to discuss your payment options.

*Visa Debit is not accepted for online payments.

NB: Payments cannot be accepted from outside of Canada.