Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word – Level I

Learn to create, edit, and enhance standard business documents using Word 2013.


  • Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify and work with basic Word 2010 tools and features.
  • Edit text in a Word document.
  • Modify the appearance of text in a Word document.
  •  Insert special characters and graphical objects.
  •  Organize data in tables.
  •  Proof a Word document.
  •  Control the appearance of pages in a Word document
  •  Print a Word document

Microsoft Office Word – Level II

Create complex documents and build personalized efficiency tools.


  • Manage lists.
  • Customize tables and charts.
  • Customize the formatting o a document using styles and themes.
  • Modify pictures in a document.
  • Create customized graphic elements.
  • Insert content using Quick Parts.
  • Control text flow
  • Use templates to automate document creation
  • Use the mail merge function
  • Use macros to automate common tasks

Microsoft Office Word – Level III

Create, manage, revise, and distribute documents. This course is designed for managing complex or lengthy documents, learning collaboration, and creating secure documents.


  • Use Word with other programs.
  • Collaborate on documents.
  • Manage document revisions.
  • Add reference marks and notes.
  • Simplify the use of long documents.
  • Secure a document.
  • Create forms.

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