Computer Programs

Saskatoon Business College offers two computer programs for students who are interested in using technology to advance their artistic or technical careers.

Computer programs list

Students who excel in SBC’s Graphic Design Specialist program are:
  • Creative and/or artistic
  • Eager to improve their skills and accept constructive critiques
  • Capable of working independently or as part of a team
  • Interested in commercial work with marketing/advertising
Students who excel in SBC’s I.T. Network Administrator program are:
  • Analytical problem solvers
  • Technically skilled in computers prior to enrollment
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong communicators and team players
SBC’s Computer Programs are very different, but they offer the following:
  • Hands-on training and practice
  • Certifications required to obtain a career in their field
  • Small, instructor led classes
  • Work practicum to gain experience in their field.