Professional Development

SBC’s corporate division is committed to providing skills training that is informative, applicable and relevant.  Some of the most important skills to learn can’t be taught at a computer. Develop these professional skills for employees and managers.

Effective Business Writing

Discover guidelines and best practices for communicating effectively in the workplace. See course information

Effective Time Management

Practice techniques that will help you achieve a more effective use of your time so that you can direct your energy towards the activities that will further your professional and personal goals. See course information

Grammar Essentials

Improve your grammar to deliver professional and polished written communications. See course information

Customer Service

Revisit key aspects of providing outstanding service. See course information

Minute Taker's Workshop

Learn to take effective minutes to keep meeting productive and the meeting outcomes and objectives clear. See course information

Emotional Intelligence

Assess and enhance your emotional intelligence to improve your team management skills. See course information

Managing Conflict

Learn how to identify and effectively manage sources of conflict. See course information

Performance Management

Develop and implement performance standards, conduct performance appraisals, and give appropriate feedback and coaching. See course information

Practical Leadership

Develop or enhance leadership abilities with practical skills. See course information

Presenting With Style

Learn to organize your ideas to create coherent and convincing presentations. See course information

Ready to Register?

If you are ready to register you may do so online by clicking the link the below, downloading the PDF application, or calling 306-244-6340.

Not what you’re looking for?

Allow us to develop a solution that is exclusively yours. We are prepared to listen to your needs and ensure that the service we deliver meets your demands, satisfies your objectives and fits your company culture. We accomplish this by:
  • Tailoring the focus of content
  • Providing examples relevant in today’s industry
  • Conducting useful and interactive group activities

Our custom training classes can be conducted at our fully equipped training lab or if you prefer, we can come to you. 

Please call 306-244-6340 or email the Corporate Director to arrange your custom training.