Meet with an Advisor

Thank you for your interest in SBC.

Applicants are encouraged to meet with an admissions advisor prior to applying to their program of choice.

Note: Pre-enrollment interview mandatory for I.T. and PCA programs.

Advisors are also an excellent resource to help prospective students looking at their training and education options. We can provide you with detailed information about:

  • Which program meets your education and career goals
  • SBC admissions requirements
  • Tuitions fees and funding options
  • SBC campus expectations, program details, and graduation requirements
  • Career prospects for graduates

Our advisors can help you decide if SBC is right for your goals. Meetings typically take about 20-30 minutes and can be in person or via Zoom. Book an appointment with an advisor today!

Call 1-800-679-7711 (in Canada only) or 306-244-6333.

Email an Admissions Advisor or Request More Information about SBC.