SBC Faculty and Staff


Blair Chapman B.A.: Campus Director, Admissions, Graduate-Employer Liaison

Richard Chapman B.A., Business Admin. Diploma: Campus Director, I.T. Admissions, Graphic Design Admissions.

Marcia Whittaker Ph.D, MBA, B.Sc., Dip Ed: Principal

Heather Hyggen B.A., Administrative Assistant Diploma, Accelerated: Student Funding

Kelsey Moncur Diploma, Administrative Assistant, Honours: Registrar, Diploma and Transcripts

Petrice Miller Certificate, Business Management and Entrepreneurship , Honours: Recruiting and Scheduling Coordinator

Teaching Faculty

Andrew Clarke MPA, B.Sc.: Accounting, Economics, Payroll, Finance, Mathematics, Quickbooks

Barbara Sanft RN: Director of Personal Care Aide Program

Curline Lindo MEd; BEd; Dip. Ed.: Applied Administrative Procedures; Records Information Management, Mathematics, Communications

Dawn Devonshire B.Ed.: Communications, Career Strategies, Executive Assistant Program, Applied Administrative Procedures

Devin Kornaga Diploma Business Administration: Computer Applications

Don Feader Computer Applications

Giles Woodward MDes., B.A.: Graphic Design, Computer Application

Inonge Mooleki RN, BSCN: Personal Care Aide Program

Jackie Zwarich CACE, BAC., Secretarial Diploma: Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Voice Transcription, Communications, Applied Administrative Procedures

Jaime Mirtle B. Ed., Administrative Assistant, Accelerated Honours Diploma: Communications, Applied Administrative Procedures Career Strategies.

Joanne Selinger B.A.: Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Voice Transcription, Document Preparation

Kelechi Egbulefu MD, MPH, PGPN: Medical Administrative Assistant and Medical Administrative Clinical Assistant

Marandina Slowley R.N., MPH, BSc: Medical Administrative Assistant and Medical Administrative Clinical Assistant, Personal Care Aide Program

Melissa Esford B.Sc.: Accounting, Mathematics, Simply Sage 50, Outlook, Access, Powerpoint, Word.

Michael Jane Jordan RN: Personal Care Aide Program (Lanigan)

Ruslan Nazarov BSc Computer Science, MSCE, MSCA, CISCO CCNA, ITIL: Network Administration, Computer Applications

Sandi Kerger Legal Assistant Diploma: Legal Administrative Assistant and Legal Assistant (Paralegal outside SK) Programs