Information for current students

SBC College Virtual Winter Classes January 2022

With the recent development of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant and the resulting rapidly increases in daily COVID-19 cases, even within our province (SK), the College has taken the cautionary, but necessary decision, to deliver all classes virtually for the month of January. This precautionary measure is to ensure the continued health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the community.

What does this mean for our students?

1. Classes will begin January 4, 2022 as scheduled.

2. All September 2021 and October 2021 students should log in to Blackboard Collaborate for classes. Follow your class schedule as you normally do. Simply log in to your class on Blackboard, then look for the “Collaborate” link. Your instructors will meet you in the virtual classroom. Remote classes will continue until January 27, 2022. This may be disappointing news to some students, and we do understand your frustrations. Likewise, this may be a welcome announcement to some students, and we do understand your relief as well. The college will provide an update regarding a shift back to a safe in-person learning by mid to late January.

3. New students starting their programs in January 2022 will have virtual orientation on January 4th at 10 a.m. via Blackboard Collaborate. The Registrar sent you the link and your login information. During orientation, there will be a training session on how to use Collaborate. It is mandatory that all new students attend this orientation session. All your classes will be virtual/remote.

There will be limited access to the SBC campus. Students and or visitors coming to the campus should call in advance. Remember, the campus is a mandatory mask zone. No mask= no entry. If you are feeling ill, or have a positive test result, or asked to isolate or was exposed to COVID-19 , do not come to the campus.

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing. These are indeed challenging and wearisome times. The challenges and disruptions of this pandemic seem to be lingering longer than we all want it to. We are monitoring the situation and will provide frequent updates as required. The College is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe campus. We encourage our students, faculty and staff to consider the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19.

If you face any issues regarding your virtual classes, or need further information or clarification, please feel free to call the College.

Enjoy the remaining days of your holidays. On behalf of the management and staff, we wish you a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year.



SBC Hours

Attendance : Student Funding Liaison, Front Office
Document Requests : Registrar, Front Office
Bus Passes : Registrar, Front Office
Lockers : Registrar, Front Office
Lost and Found : Front Office
Personal/Educational Help : SBC Principal, by appointment with Front Office
Student Cards : Registrar, Front Office
Timetable : Petrice Miller
Exam Timetable : Don Feader
Typing Tests : Jackie Zwarich
Social Media : Admissions Advisor, Front Office
Career Advice : Blair Chapman, Employer Liaison, by appointment with Front Office
For email contacts, call 306-244-6333, or consult your planner, Blackboard, or your course outlines.

Arrange an appointment with Marcia Whittaker to discuss any concerns or seek advice.

Students must maintain 90% attendance on a monthly basis.

Once you are in excess of two (2) days per month allowable absences, a doctor’s certificate must be obtained and presented to the front office confirming your inability to attend on the relevant dates.

Daily attendance is taken at 8:30am and 1:00pm.

If a student arrives late (after 8:30am or 1:00pm), he/she is to sign in at the front office immediately upon arrival.

If a student is going to be absent or late, the student must inform the Front Office (306-244-6333) before 8:30am or 1:00pm. SBC has an answering machine on which students may leave a message. Please include full name and reason for absence.

Students are marked absent is their whereabouts are unknown, unsubstantiated, or undocumented.

If leaving the college early, please inform the Front Office.


A leave of absence may be granted for medical reasons. A medical certificate must be presented. A leave of absence may affect your course completion date as classes may need to be rescheduled. Contact the Front Office to discuss a leave.

Students with communicable diseases such as pink eye, influenza, strep infections, etc., are permitted to return to classes once a doctor’s certificate has been presented to the Front Office confirming their condition is no longer contagious.

Unacceptable attendance may result in:

  • Removal from class.
  • Attendance Agreements
  • Program extension and increased fees.
  • Program discontinuation.
  • Loss of Canada Student Loans funding.

Payment of tuition and books is outlined in the enrollment contract.

No additional cost for two months extension to program. Cost will apply per class per month after extension period.

If a student leaves before completion of the program and returns at a later date, tuition and applicable book fees will apply (applicable to the return date).

Speak to the Funding Officer for information on student loans and other funding agencies.

Personalized payment plans are available. Speak to the Principal if you need to make a plan.

Non-payment of tuition, books, miscellaneous supplies, and/or exam fees can result in withheld marks, progress reports, transcripts, and diploma. A student will not be allowed to write final exams and may be suspended from attending classes until payment is made.

Books are distributed by instructors as each class begins.

Credit for second-hand books is given BEFORE Registration date. No credit will be given for second-hand books obtained on or after Registration Day.

An official income tax receipt, T2202A, is provided for each tax year a student is enrolled at SBC, provided the eligible fees paid in respect of a calendar year are more than $100.

T2202A tax receipts are provided at the end of February and at the Departure Meeting. A fee is charged for duplicate receipts.

Eligible fees include tuition, registration and exam fees paid. Book and supplies ARE NOT included. Eligible fees are claimed based on the calendar year the course was taken and not the year the fees were paid. As such, for each tax year, the combined eligible fees are divided by the length in months of your program of study and multiplied by how many months attended in the applicable tax year. This amount will identified on your t2202A, unless it exceeds the actual amount received by SBC as of calendar year end.

If you are attending on a part-time basis, with fees paid monthly, your T2202A will reflect actual eligible fees in that calendar year.

Although fees paid for books and supplies are not included on your T2202A, you may be entitled to the textbook amounts identified in the Students and Income Tax P105(E) pamphlet, available for download at Canada Revenue Agency.

Deadline: One week BEFORE Registration Day

To request transfer credits, the following steps must be taken BEFORE Registration Day.

  1. Provide letter identifying possible transferable classes.
  2. Submit comprehensive curriculum outlines identifying
    1. Class hours
    2. Course content
    3. Evaluation methods
    4. Textbooks
  3. Submit original official transcript with a final mark of at least 70%.

Transfer Credit may be granted where reciprocal credits have been arranged between another college, training institution, or professional association, or when the curriculum content is 90% equivalent to the SBC course.

Deadline: Day 2 of the class.

To challenge a class, a student must

  1. Provide a written request to the instructor
  2. Submit comprehensive curriculum outlines identifying
    1. Class hours
    2. Course content
    3. Evaluation methods
    4. Textbooks
  3. Submit original official transcript with a final mark of at least 70%.

Tuition costs, textbook, examinations fees to be determined.

Challenge exam date to be determined by the relevant department.

Schedule an appointment with the SBC Principal if you are discontinuing your training or if you require a program change.

In accordance with Section 27(1) and 27(2) of The Private Vocational Schools Regulations, 2014, written notice to the college of intent to cease taking the program is required. Upon receipt of written notice, refunds are calculated according to the following criteria.

  • Registration fee – nonrefundable
  • 75% of tuition refunded if 20% or less of the hours of instruction delivered
  • 40% of tuition refunded if more 20%, but less than 50% of instruction delivered
  • 0% of tuition refunded if more than 50% of hours of instruction delivered.

If a student is absent from a course or program for 21 consecutive calendar days, the student is deemed to have discontinued and the course of program and the school shall immediately provide written notice to the student that the operator will retain the applicable portion.

Books not received are refunded.

Tuition refunds for students on Canada/Saskatchewan student loans are sent to the national Student Loan Centre to be applied to the student loan balance.

Tuition refunds for students supported by a funding agency may be sent to the funding agency.

Training Completions Fund

The Training Completions Fund (TCF) was established under The Private Vocational Schools Regulation Act, 2014 (Section 19) and provides consumers protection to students attending Category 1 private vocational schools. The TCF is used to provide financial resources to assist students affected by the closure of a school, either through continued training at an alternate institution or through a refund of the unearned portion of the tuition feeds paid to the closed school.