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3 Reasons to Complete a Corporate Training Program in Cybersecurity

As more organizations shift to conducting business online, cybersecurity becomes more important than ever. As a result, employees with cybersecurity training are better equipped to help your business run more effectively in a digital space. That’s because their training enables them to develop the skills they need to reduce digital risks and make better decisions online.

Through our corporate training program in cybersecurity at Saskatoon Business College, employees without a technical background can discover how to identify and reduce risks in using conventional end-user technology. By learning how to navigate the internet securely and how to secure different devices, your employees will be in a better position to protect your business and its online operations. With so much at stake, providing cybersecurity training to employees becomes essential in the globalized, digital age.

Below, discover three reasons why your business should consider corporate training in cybersecurity at SBC!

1. Increase Awareness and Reduce the Threat of Cybersecurity Issues

Cybersecurity training can help your business promote a culture that prioritizes digital security, which ultimately contributes to protecting your organization. It also ensures that employees become more aware of cybersecurity issues. Through this type of program, employees can gain the confidence and knowledge they need to navigate the online world securely. In doing so, they become more equipped to avoid cybersecurity issues and more prepared to handle them if they arise.

Allowing your employees to become security-aware can even help you reduce the risk of data leaks, malware, and other attacks. In our corporate training courses on cybersecurity at SBC, your employees can learn how to recognize and avoid viruses, ransomware, phishing, as well as other malware and social engineering tactics. This prepares them to adhere to security best practices when browsing websites, using social media or checking emails at work.

corporate training in Saskatoon
Employees taking corporate training courses on cybersecurity learn how to identify and avoid key cybersecurity threats

2. Improve Your Security Compliance with a Corporate Training Program

Technological advancements make it necessary for businesses to keep up with new compliance procedures and policies. In fact, recent IT compliance research shows that 85% of surveyed IT professionals plan to evaluate new tools in 2022 to improve their compliance processes. The same study also reveals that 45% of respondents plan to increase their spending on IT risk management and compliance in 2022.

Businesses that work with personal data and sensitive information must follow security compliance processes. Our corporate training program in cybersecurity is designed to help learners understand security compliance parameters and requirements. Through discussions, case studies, and the instructor’s own industry experiences, your employees can explore digital risks, security compliance needs, and safety measures. This way, your employees can help you secure your business and cultivate a more positive and reliable reputation in the eyes of your clients.

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Understanding and following security compliance policies can help your employees enhance the safety of your business’s data

3. Ensure Data Security and Boost Customer Confidence

Naturally, many customers are sensitive to cybersecurity breaches. Companies that don’t protect their customer’s data quickly lose their credibility, making it difficult for them to earn the trust of their customers. According to consumer behaviour research, 81% of respondents would stop engaging with a brand after a data breach. Interestingly, 63% of these respondents also believe that a company is responsible for protecting their data.

Corporate training in cybersecurity can be a way for businesses to better meet customers’ rising expectations. By learning how to ensure data security on different devices, networks, and the cloud, your employees can better protect your organization from cybersecurity threats that have the potential to significantly harm your business. Moreover, the extra measures you take to prove your commitment to cybersecurity can help you boost customer confidence and loyalty.

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