Interested in Online Healthcare Training? Discover 4 Medical Courses You Can Complete Online

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many people to think about what they really want from a career. This could be the time to retrain and invest in you and your future. The global pandemic has put an increased focus on the healthcare sector, and many people may be considering ways that they can help their communities in a challenging time. 

Fortunately, students at SBC can continue their education online through virtual lessons. Students interested in healthcare training can choose from a wide range of online healthcare courses to enhance their learning and kickstart a new career. 

Read on to find out more about some of the online healthcare courses on offer. 

Learn About Medical Anatomy and Terminology 

Students enrolled in this online healthcare course will learn about medical anatomy, terminology, and pathological conditions related to biological systems. Aspiring healthcare workers will learn the correct terms for the human body and common illnesses. As well as this, they will learn about human anatomy and how it works. 

The Medical Anatomy and Terminology course could be beneficial to students who want to work in a healthcare facility or medical office. The skills and knowledge that you gain could help you to perform clerical and clinical duties, including:

  • Medical computer documentation
  • Communicating with patients and other healthcare workers
  • Medical voice transcription 
  • Clinical tests 
  • And more!
    Students could use their new skills working in a medical office

    Study Medical Administrative Procedures in Online Healthcare Courses

    The Medical Administrative Procedures course will introduce students to the admin duties and procedures typically performed in a healthcare setting. The role of a medical administrator is different to a typical admin role as there are a number of different safety and confidentiality risks to consider. 

    As part of the program, students will be trained in reception and telephone techniques, booking and managing appointments, mail processing, and more. They will learn specific clinical responsibilities as well as more general admin responsibilities like creating a professional and welcoming environment. 

    This is perfect for students who want to work in a medical office setting. 

    Learn the Theory Behind Medical Clinical Procedures 

    While practical and hands-on training is difficult to achieve due to social distancing regulations, there are other ways that ambitious students can enhance their learning. This course will help students improve their understanding of administrative and clinical procedures in a primary health care facility. 

    Like with many of our online courses, the credits can be used towards a full-time diploma program. This will help students to advance towards their dream career while studying from the comfort of their home.  

    Credits can be used towards a full-time diploma

    Understand the Importance of Medical Supplies with the Unit Assistant Procedures Course

    If you are interested in a career in medical or clinical administration, ordering and stocking supplies could be an important part of the role. It’s essential that all healthcare facilities have the necessary supplies to care for patients. 

    All of the healthcare training courses mentioned above can be started in either May or September. This gives students the flexibility to start at a time that is best for them. Students can graduate in just a few months.  

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