Online Learning

In today’s busy world, many persons are trying to balance the competing priorities of life. SBC College is here to help you attain your educational goals and get the jumpstart you need for your career with its flexible program schedules.

The hybrid model of learning offers students the opportunity to complete a diploma using three modes of learning:

  • On-campus –scheduled classes on-campus
  • Online– synchronous learning, that is, classes are scheduled and are instructor-led in a virtual “live” classroom
  • Online – asynchronous learning, that is, no scheduled class-time with independent learning, direct contact to your instructors, and flexible tutorial times.

All programs at SBC College are delivered using the hybrid learning model and students can choose to take full-time or part-time programs.

Note: You may qualify for student financial assistance under the hybrid learning model.

Learn more about SBC College’s flexible hybrid programs. You can arrange an in-person or virtual program advisory session with our expert Admissions Officer.

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